Chris Gregoire: down with border fence, up with serfs

Yesterday, Washington governor Chris Gregoire took a new direct flight from Seattle to Mexico City and:

criticized the construction of a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border and lamented the U.S. Congress' failure to approve an immigration reform bill... She said her state's agricultural industry would greatly benefit from an immigration reform bill... "If we don't have immigration reform ... Washington state will suffer," Gregoire said, adding that a shortage of workers last year forced apple growers to leave part of their crop on their trees.


What? 25 million guest workers already here, and that isn't enough? How many do you suggest would be enough? 100 million? A billion? Could the real problem just be the wages they pay? If you can't find workers, then apparently it's a job no American, and not even an illegal alien, is willing to do for the price. Do the math yourself, Gregoire, there is absolutely NO shortage of workers, just a shortage of people willing to work for your corporate slave masters. THAT is the real beneficiary, not "the agricultural industry", but the wallets of the select few plantation owners who have sent you on a mission to Mexico to lobby for more, and cheaper, slaves. Feeling like a Las Vegas hooker yet, Gregoire?

Look guy's this isn't about worker's its about the North American Union and the one world government of total corruption did any think to check what this bitch, Chris Gregoire did in Mexico city? you do understand that Mexico City is the HQ For Drug Money Right? maybe people should start to check out HER Bank book? to see how much money SHE was paid? The next move will be to remove anyone that stand's against Mexico and its durg dealers, watch and see if I am not right, in Mexico if you talk out against that government you can go to prison, did you know that fact? think Freedom think the bill of right's that are under attack from pig's like Chris Gregoire and Bush Laden. by the way the fence is pointless if you don't have the will to keep your Nation a land of freedom and justice.

Jeebie she is a old Hooker from L.A.

Don't worry peeps, all pickers will become a union and they will be making more $$$ if Gregoire has her way. What a great plan to get the jobs filled. /sac off now

Puff piece alert!

Hi, Pat. Great link. Depressing, but very good. Tom Tancredo has introduced his OVERDUE bill, which would deal with the anchor baby/birthright citizenship problem, and more. Check his site out, and contact your reps in support of it.

Ask anyone living in Yakima or Sunnyside if the gangs and crime brought by illegal immigrants have anything to do with "apples left on trees". [Yakima is a major hub in international drug trafficing] Here's a trend to consider: many illegals from Mexico are working other jobs and many more asian immigrants are working in 'agricultural industry'.

thank you Live from washington state, the system want's millions more to come here so we can be removed from the fact of the earth. buy gun's, we the people will be fighting the third world pig's soon, but also understand that the government is in the hands of the drug dealers of Mexico City pig's of evil and other place's like Red China. Long Live the Bill of Right's that the third world pig's in government hate. Buy Gun's for life.