"Girlfriend": Avril Lavigne ripped off the Rubinoos? (A contest!)

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Bon jour! Canadian national icon and noted singer Avril Lavigne is accused of ripping off a band (I think) I've never heard of called the Rubinoos. Back in 1979 - five years before the glorious year of the Canadian sweetheart's birth - they apparently had a hit with "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." Now, Avril and writing partner Luke Gottwald stand accused of ripping them off with her latest Welthit "Girlfriend".

You can listen to them both here, and Avril has since called the charges baseless (here). I have to agree with the plucky Canuck: there are some extremely minor differences between the two songs. They are not completely the same, just about 99.9999999%. In other words, it's not like she was blatant about it or anything.

Now, the contest: come up with Avril's best defense in comments. The winner of the best defense will win a date with Avril (subject to her and the winner's approval).

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Nickelback, who are also Canadian, ripped off some of their music from other groups as well.

The Rubinoos were part of the "Bezerkley" sound (named after the record label) from the early-to-late 70's. The label included Greg Kihn, Earthquake, Psychotic Pineapple, and I believe Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers released a few discs under it as well. The Roobs biggest "hit" was a remake of "I think we're alone now." I saw 'em once with Greg Kihn at the Old Waldorf in S.F. in 1980!

uh I was stoned when I heard them play it & thought I came up with the song much in the same way Al Gore was stoned & heard about the internet & thought he invented it.

This just in: Under the name of Avril Latrene and the Extreme's, and revealing a technologically altered voice, Dr BLT is pleased to announce the release of the Avril Lavigne parody addressing allegations that she ripped another song in order to release her latest smash, "Girlfriend." The song has been exploding on the internet despite the fact it was written and recorded in less than one hour. The song, entitled, I Wanna Rip Yer Song Off! via the following link: I Wanna Rip Yer Song Off! Avril Latrene and the Extremes aka Dr BLT copyright 2007 http://www.drblt.net/music/SongOff.mp3

In Avril's defense: 1.) All rock/pop songs sound like another song, usually many other songs i.e "Hello I love you won't you tell me your name (The Doors) sounds like "All the Day and All of the Night" (the Kinks), and "Morning Has Broken" (Cat Stevens), sounds like "Annie's Song" by John Denver. 2.) A pop/punk/rock song with the word "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" in the hook is a no brainer and has been done countless times i.e. "Boyfriend" by Ahsley Simpson or the oldie "hey la, my boyfriend's back." 3.) A pop/punk/rock song with the word or phrase "hey" or "hey hey" or "hey you" has been done countless times i.e "hey mcikey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind" or "hey you get off of my cloud" (rolling stones), or "hey joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand" (jimi hendrix) 4.) Unlike pass successful suits like the one regarding George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" and "You're So Fine",...Avril's chorus and the Rubinoos chorus is only similar, not identical. The rest of the song is totally different. 5.) It is a new era in pop culture thanks to the internet where ideas are constantly being "borrowed" and recycled, in most cases without direct monetary compensation. In this environment it is a weak argument for anyone to claim they own the phrase "i wanna be your boyfriend/girlfriend." If such strict legal rules were enforced youtube and myspace would have to be shut down, for both sites are loaded with supposedly copyrighted material posted without permission from one end to the other. It is up to artists to adapt to this new environment rather than to clog the courts with lawsuits. I wrote about this Avril Lavigne controversey here as well" jimifunguzz.blogspot.com