Take the Al Gore Live Earth Climate Pledge!

Al Gore has a simple demand: that everyone on Earth takes the Al Gore Live Earth Climate Pledge! Whether you're sitting in a theatre, a theater, a [pub/bar/saloon/cantina/lokal] or whatever, raise your right hand NOW and repeat after Al Gore:

Please don't mind the sudden cut when he enumerates the Pledge Conditions; that's only there to help you remember the Conditions. While some might complain about the demand about signing an international agreement, Big Brother assures us it's necessary. As for turning in those who refuse to take the Pledge, that's necessary to avoid the Coming Global Superstorm. And, if you're worried about that nagging feeling that Al Gore isn't just interested in climate change but has bigger things in mind, you're probably right.

UPDATE: I realize watching the Two Minute Gore can put anyone in a bad mood, so as an antidote let me suggest the anti-Al of the Movement, Sexy Simran Sethi:

UPDATE 2: As Live Aid, or whatever it is, continues on somewhere, I now require you to read "How Celebrities Apply Eco-Consciousness to Everyday Living":

Actors such as Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst drive electric or fuel-efficient cars. Canadian singer Alanis Morisette, who earned the 2003 Environmental Media Association Missions in Music Award for campaigning against oil drilling in Alaska, has a solar home and drives a Prius... ...Sitcom star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her husband, writer/producer Brad Hall, have been environmentalists for years... ...Cate Blanchett's Sydney home is solar-powered... ...Former Agent 007 Pierce Brosnan has been active in environmental causes for years... ...Edward Norton, who grew up with environmentalist parents [ed. note: a so-called "Green Diaper Baby"], has taken eco-consciousness from his solar home to the homes of others by spreading the word among other actors...


I commented on the Live Earth Pledge on my site that covers global warming, Is It Getting Warmer? (www.globalwarming-factorfiction.com [1]). You can read my full comments there [2] but, in short, I think it is slightly foolish to make a pledge that is nearly impossible to carry out. 90% reduction of carbon footprint on a national scale is almost ludicrous and would cause extreme hardship on any nation, probably causing millions of lives globally.

[1] www.globalwarming-factorfiction.com
[2] globalwarming-factorfiction.com/2007/07/03/live-earth-pledge/

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