Sergio Bendixen: 83% of illegal aliens would comply with new, better-suiting laws

A Sergio Bendixen poll [1] contacted 1,600 "undocumented immigrants" in Spanish and discovered that 83% said they'd apply for the "Z" Visa, with 14% prefering to maintain their present status as illegal aliens.

However, 27% said they wouldn't apply even for the "Z" Visa if there are touchback provisions that would require them to receive that visa and without a guaranteed "right to return". It should be noted that, AFAIK, the touchback provisions in both current Senate and House bills only require them to leave the U.S. for a minimal amount of time and only to get on the "path to citizenship", not for the visa specifically.

Hopefully that will help them in their decision as to which of our laws they would prefer to follow.



No guy's someday you will comply to the Mexican rule's the system is doing you a Number and that Number is evil.

14 percent, 27 percent, out of 20 to 40 million. Those are huge numbers of criminals who say they will not comply with any law under any circumstance. And a bigger percentage say they will comply with the law, as long as they don't actually have to suffer any inconveniences, consequences, or penalties to do so. Family values indeed. Dedicated, incorrigible criminals forever in their heart, mind, soul, and deeds. THAT is what Bush is really importing. Build that wall.