Teddy Kennedy posts on immigration "reform"

I first saw the guest Hill post "Failure Not an Option on Immigration Bill (Sen. Edward Kennedy)" a few hours ago. Since it was only a couple sentences long, I immediately refreshed the page thinking everything hadn't loaded, but, oddly enough, that was it. I've now given it several hours for the rest to appear, and I am now safe in believing that this is the entire, no doubt Grand Marnier-soaked post:

Failure is not an option — our national security demands it. This is a tough, practical, fair bill.

Yes, that is, aside from the title, the entire post. We pay him to repeatedly sell out the U.S., and he can't even give us more than two sentences?

Why, that post is even more empty than the boxes he falsely claimed contained hundreds of thousands of letters in support of his bill.

teddy kennedy immigration bill


Teddy Kennedy is Teddy kennedy. Those of us old enough to really know this poor example of a believable politico can hardly listen to anything he says knowing his sorry past. If this immigration bill was a good bill I would have a problem with it because of the manner in which it was drawn up. regards, Edward Cropper