Google: jabs at Lou Dobbs; testifies for more H-1B

A few days ago, Google's entertainment channel (?) at had an episode with a lightweight mocking (in both senses) of Lou Dobbs: . This was contemporaneous with the David Leonhardt smear.

Today, Laszlo Bock, Google's "Vice President of People Operations" testified before Congress today expressing their wish for more H-1B visas, including a warm welcome from former immigration lawyer Rep. Zoe Lofgren. [1]

Related? Just part of the general Google "Zeitgeist"? Completely unrelated? Who knows, but even if there's no seepage of the business and editorial side of Google into the search side, it's always worth taking their search results with a grain of salt, especially since they (as well as Yahoo) tend to place Wikipedia entries near or at the top of search results for a wide variety of terms despite none of the entries at that site being trustworthy.



GOOG is profitable and hiring, so naturally they're trying to make sure they have the widest possible pool of applicants -- basically, the whole world. It's in their best interest, certainly in keeping wages as low as possible, perhaps also technically (although this is debatable). It is the responsibility of government to look after the best interest of citizens, and it doesn't seem that subjecting them to job competition from virtually every corner of the globe really does that. Corporations have to be considered here too, but allowing companies to dictate the number of employment-based visas doesn't seem like the right compromise.