Arizona: 24% for Senate bill, 14% think it will work; McCain unfavorable at 51%

A couple days ago, Jonathan Weisman of the Washington Post gave corrupt legislators a pep talk ("Backers of Immigration Bill More Optimistic").

Now, let's take off the rose-colored glasses and read about a new Rasmussen Reports poll:

Just 24% of Arizona voters favor passage of the bill while 50% are opposed. Nationally, figures released last week showed 26% in favor and 48% opposed... Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Arizona voters say that is Very Important for "the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration." However, just 14% believe the Senate bill will actually reduce illegal immigration... Forty-two percent (42%) believe that if the bill is passed, illegal immigration will actually increase. That is very similar to the national reaction... Just 22% of Arizona voters believe it is Very Important for "the government to legalize the status of illegal aliens already in the United States." However, 60% would be willing to accept a compromise providing illegal aliens with a path to citizenship provided that it truly reduced levels of illegal immigration... Kyl is still viewed favorably by 55% of Arizona voters. That’s little changed from his ratings before the election. However, the number with a Very Favorable opinion has fallen ten points to 26%. Last October, 36% had a Very Favorable opinion of Kyl... The impact is even more noticeable on McCain who is now viewed favorably by just 47% of Arizona voters. Fifty-one percent (51%) have an unfavorable of their state’s Presidential hopeful. Just 15% now have a Very Favorable opinion of McCain while 22% have a Very Unfavorable view.


Where did they find 14 percent who think it will work? Were half of them illegal aliens in prison and the other half random assorted mammals, OTM? The institutionalized? Must be, as McCain, Kyl and Napolitano don't have enough supporters among them to skew the numbers by even 14 percent.