Epistle to The Nation, in re: Eric Alterman arrest

I have sent the following "bletter" to The Nation in regards to their article "Alterman's Arrest" about the momentary arrest of the famous Nation columnist who is also a paid Media Matters hack. Perhaps it will be printed:
I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thinking this must have been a coordinated attack. What better way to draw attention away from the devastating points the Democratic contenders were making... other than to hijack the conversation by having a well-known and highly-respected journalist arrested! My beliefs are further strengthened by this appearing on the Drudge Report which, as everyone who's "in the know" knows, is controlled by the RNC Central Committee.

No, this was no random arrest. This was planned well beforehand, with the very strong possibility that Mr. Alterman was corralled into that room with the free drinks, perhaps through a series of room dividers and the like being placed surreptitiously in his way in order to force him to arrive where he did. Then, there's the matter of the "policeman". I put that in quote because I imagine he was something else entirely. Yes, quite something else.

Fly low, Brother Eric, avoid the radar, and keep on keepin' on!


Lonewacko, Look I read the articles and I am sure Alterman was not doing anything warranting arrest. What I find more interesting is who insisted that Alterman be arrested in the first place. Was the Hillary or Obama camp involved??? Was it one of the MSM titans who resented a upstart internet Journalist from a liberal web-site that is fierce critic of the corporate media crashing what they felt was their exclusive gig? I think both of us agree that the behind the scenes Cocktail party smoozing between lazy millionaire Ivy League educated corporate journalists/Stenographers and equally privileged and pampered politicians is one of the major things wrong with politics today. Look we both come from differing political perspectives. And as much as you may not like Media Matters For America's liberal political outlook, you must agree that its criticism of an elitist out of touch self serving corporate media is welcome. In many ways MMFA is a left liberal complement to what you yourself is doing in the Immigration Open Borders debate. The times MMFA has made thoughtless comments on the Immigration debate, particularly taking the side of SPLC in its attacks on Lou Dobbs you will notice that many of its regular liberal netroots commentators were willing to rip it good. There are a lot of liberals and progressives who have been following these immigration issues very closely and agree with much of what you have to say. For example I believe the HuffPo has been absolutely knocked back off its feet at the critical response to several of its rather silly pro "CIR" articles. This immigration debate really defies partisan political lines. It really is about integrity and respect for the US Constitution and the rule of law vs political corruption, pandering and cynicism. Watching Dorgan, Sanders and Sessions fight the good fight has been inspiring. I hope you feel the same way.