Reuters on global warming: ice no longer cold, sunbathing in Arctic

Remember the infamous shot of the polar bears "trapped" on a "melting" ice floe? I do, since I made a satirical video about it (link) that few seem to have realized is satire.

The latest example of picture propaganda comes with the story "Arctic islands invite tourists to see climate woes" by "Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent":

reuters global warming propaganda


Climate activists Lesley Butler and Rob Bell (R) "sunbathe" on the edge of a frozen fjord in the Norwegian Arctic town of Longyearbyen, April 25, 2007. The remote chain of Arctic islands is advertising itself as a showcase of bad things to come from global warming.

I'd say a bit more context is necessary here, perhaps pointing out that this was just a posed shot and that if they were really "sunbathing" in such an environment they would most likely have ended up with frostbite and other medical complications.


Global warming is a plan to control you and make some money for a few people who hate you and your world.

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