Assimilation? Schoolkids chant "Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!" to Minutemen in Santa Ana

Hacks and others continue to pretend that the assimilation of millions of Mexicans isn't a problem. Here's one of the most striking counter-examples. On May 1, a group of protesters from the Minuteman Project protested in Santa Ana, CA as part of an illegal immigration rally (report). Across the street, young schoolchildren climbed on top of playground equipment and began chanting, "Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!"

It seems like the MMP members were protesting the Mexican consulate, and the school was just coincidentally across the street. On the video their chant appears to have started spontaneously rather than being deliberately provoked.

Even taking into account that they're children, their choice of a chant is very revealing and should be very disturbing. Rather than all the other choices - the usual leftwing smears, or chanting for "reform", or simple name-calling, or all the other choices they had - they chose the name of what is almost certainly to them their country. Also disturbing are the comments on the video by Mexicans - including those living here - supporting the children's choice (links).

When you see a hack hand-waving away assimilation problems, please send them the video link.

The school involved is the Orange County Educational Arts Academy (OCEAA), a charter school at They've released a statement linked to from

During the second lunch period, a group of OCEAA students stood on the play structure and chanted "Mexico" while demonstrators protested at the Mexican Consulate across the street. When an administrator was notified of the students' actions, he went out to the playground to redirect the students, but they were already returning to the building for class... The Board has received emails indicating that members of the public believe the students were brought to the playground by their teachers, and that the school explicitly sanctioned this demonstration. We wish to assure our school community and the general public that this is not the case. The students were at lunch recess; they were not on the playground during instructional time. We learned from a demonstration organizer who visited OCEAA Wednesday morning that the group moved to the Consulate spontaneously. Likewise, the students' chanting was impromptu, not part of a pre-planned counter-demonstration. We regret that the recess supervision staff did not quickly recognize the need to shelter students from media exposure and from hostile protesters... In addition, we wish to express unequivocally that OCEAA does not require nor expect students to participate in political demonstrations, much less express a particular viewpoint...


I was there May 1st, and I am a resident of SanTana. They were chanting "Viva Mexico," and upon the advice of their teachers.

And the press release is bullshit. There were no kids chanting when we arrived--they were directed by their teachers to support a country they have never seen nor visited.

Couldn't possibly be that that might be the school where the MEXICAN CITIZENS who work at the MEXICAN EMBASSY go to school, could it? I mean, it's not like diplomatic staff might bring their kids with them and send them to the closest school to their jobs or anything, right?

Oh yeah, I'm sure you're right. Every single kid who was chanting (whatever the fuck they were chanting) was, NO DOUBT, the child of a Mexican national associated with the diplomatic mission. Mexican nationals who just happen to all live in the area and/or send their kids to that school. That seems reasonable to me. Going further, and generally regarding immigration from Mexico, no matter how massive or illegal, no matter how many join gangs or fail to make it through high school, there's really nothing to be concerned about.

Lone-sane-o: You think these are the kids of diplomats? That really makes me wonder how the kids of non-diplomat Mexicans would behave!

well yes! its all about removing we Americans from the face of this earth, the real reason that so many of the third world people have come here is not the love of freedom but the hate of the American people, don't you get it? READ RANDOLPH BOURNE About the ideals of Trans-National-America, The pigs have set you up., and the days of this nation are Number in years.

I just think that if you have nothing to do, get a job. Everything is getting so expensive on this days, just becouse you (just a few), are against all this people. If this people are criminals, then deport them!, but in 1000, could be only one, so don't tell me that your families were born and race here, becouse many of us never went back to our countries. In God we trust, Viva EEUU or America