June 24: illegal immigration rally at Hollywood and Vine

According to this, the ANSWER-linked Juan Jose Gutierrez - director of Latino Movement USA - is planning yet another illegal immigration march, this time for June 24 at the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine:

"All of us here today are united in expressing in the clearest voice possible that our community will not be intimidated into inaction... The struggle for democratic rights and democratic immigration reform will continue."


Forget police...Get the military out in force before these anarchistic invaders do more damage to this country!

How do you like the effrontery of the Mexican advocate's claim that they have 'democratic' or majority support for trying to turn America into Latin America? Leftists like that always want more freedom-for-aggression; they always want to wave in more hostiles.

"Democratic" immigration reform? You mean like the "democracy" that occurred in 1994 when the overwhelming majority of legal citizens of the State of California voted to cease providing "free" public services to illegals, only to have their democratic vote overturned by Mexican-"American" politicians colluding with the Mexican government and unelected left-wing courts? Yeah, they believe in "democracy" all right. A democracy where the only people who count are raza.