AP/White House/Senate latest amnesty scam to emphasize triggers

The AP report "Secure Borders Trump Deal on Immigration" by Julie Hirschfeld Davis is perhaps intentionally confusing:
The Bush administration and key senators are working on a deal that would delay a sweeping immigration overhaul until the border is fortified and leave illegal immigrants waiting up to 13 more years to gain legal status...

...As contemplated, the proposal would delay the process of giving legal status to undocumented immigrants and guest worker visas to new arrivals until the administration beefs up border security and implements a high-tech identification system for temporary workers. Such measures are expected to take up to two years.
She's clearly talking about some form of legalization plan (i.e., amnesty), the only difference is that the trigger mechanisms would be highlighted. Somehow I get the impression that she, the White House, or the Senators are trying to portray this as a grand concession, when it really isn't: at the end of the day (or the years) there's still an amnesty. The "overhaul" is indeed being "delayed", it just isn't being shelved.

I also feel the need to help them understand numbers:
Even then, officials said it would take up to 13 years โ€” along with large fines and a trip to their home country โ€” before the 12 million men, women and children estimated to be in the U.S. illegally could get permanent legal status, or green cards. The government would spend eight years clearing visa backlogs for immigrants currently waiting in line, and then spend about five years processing those here illegally.
Unless they're going to halt legal immigration, in the first eight years, a million or more potential legal immigrants would enter the queue each year. Meaning that a backlog might exist during or at the end of those eight years, around about the time we were going to start processing current illegal aliens.

In other words, like all the other grand schemes, it has "unfeasible" written all over it in big red letters.

UPDATE: In related Orwellian news, Arlen Specter says:
"We have come to an agreement on what we call a 'grand bargain,' which is the outline of an immigration bill... There is no doubt that we want to secure the border and stop illegal immigration as the first item."

...The senator added that the group has decided to put discussion of a guest-worker program on hold until steps are taken to secure the borders. The committee is "rejecting the idea of amnesty for the 11 million undocumented immigrants," he said.

"We are trying to structure a temporary-worker program that is temporary," he added. But he said that illegal immigrants would be given a pathway to citizenship that includes paying back taxes, learning English and providing an extensive work history in the U.S.
It's not an amnesty, it's just a "pathway to citizenship"!


If the bargain were to be indeed grand, and not sordid deal-making from the small-souled, why must it be hidden away like criminal activity?

John S. Bolton is dead on the money.