MacArthur Park immigration riot: "safe spot" for journalists

Los Angeles, home of sun-baked people and half-baked ideas, is truly a magical place:

While [LAPD Chief William Bratton] met with journalist groups, [Antonio Villaraigosa] was speaking at Cathedral Our Lady of the Angels downtown where Cardinal Roger Mahony was celebrating a Mass of consolation and healing.

In other news, Bratton continues throwing his employees under the bus, including threatening to move some officers from the "elite" Metro Division elsewhere ("Some of this will be career-impacting"). This is also the first time I've heard of this:

Journalist organizations asked why officers ignored LAPD policies toward the news media worked out after reporters were assaulted during the 2000 Democratic National Convention... A 2002 agreement with media organizations and the American Civil Liberties Union called for, among other things, designation of a safe spot for reporters covering news events. LAPD spokeswoman Mary Grady acknowledged reporters were not given "a designated safe spot" at MacArthur Park.

Once again: I'm no great fan of what the LAPD did, and they have a history of doing things like this. But, perhaps Bratton should consider not completely going over to the side of loons like Villaraigosa and Mahoney.


Screw 'em, the journalists are hostile just like Al Jazeera, US marines wouldn't let a group of Al Jazeera "journalists" hang out behind their skirmish lines of a hostile mob in Sadr City. LAPD was correct in nailing the press, they gave them "fair warning" and told them to leave, the press was also subject to the same perils as the police (bombardment of porjectiles) and weren't dressed for riot, most of the crowd managed to back off the skirmish line, the LAPD had to maintain a safe and distinct line of defense, had the police allowed the hostile mob to infiltrate their lines or get behind the officers, cops could have been killed. Had police gone into the the hostile mob and singled out individual instigators they could have been beaten to death or ripped apart. Make no mistake this was a skimish in the hostile Mexican invasion of America, you can bet there were armed insurgents in the background looking for any vulnarable police, maintaining the line was the correct reponse and necessity to self defense. This was not an unruly 4th of July crowd but an organized insurrection by hostile foreign forces and those so-called Americans who organized it should be prosecuted for treason, insurrection and sedition.

Smitty, I'm not sure if you've been to a therapist yet, but maybe you should. I hear Paranoia is on the rise right now.

He probably can't afford a therapist given how much in taxes we Californians must pay to provide "free" social services to the "immigrants" and their anchor brats/welfare sponges. We pay the highest state income taxes in the Union for the "privilege" of living in a Third World toilet that is "governed" by loyal Mexicans who care more about skin color and their precious language than about the welfare of this state.