Chris Matthews is a Beltway Hack (Ron Paul, "Oh, God", Lou Dobbs as moderator)

Via this, Chris Matthews muttered "Oh, God" under his breath after Rep. Ron Paul responded to a question he asked during the May 3, 2007 GOP debate. If you want to have real debates featuring real questions, sign the petition urging Lou Dobbs to moderate at least two debates: one for all the Democrats, and one for all the Republicans.

Here's audio of that segment of the debate:

Note: the audio was taken from this page. Click "Watch the debate". It's after the 2:00 mark in the "Candidates respond to online questions" segment. You can also hear it at the end of this.


I don't think we can have any-kind of real Debate, it would be to real for most people and if we don't get over the P.C. Would of liers we will see a civil/race war within 5 years or before.

FWIW, I'm complaining to MSNBC. For a moderator to "oh god" a panelist's response is reprehensible.