Fabian Nunez: LAPD officers set out to do "target practice" on "immigrants"

California Assembly Speaker and Hillary Clinton co-chair Fabian Nunez, speaking about the MacArthur Park mini-riot, says today:
"There are no excuses, a simple apology is not going to suffice... To say we are outraged is an understatement. We want those responsible in the highest levels of the LAPD to pay consequences."
What he said yesterday is far, far worse:
[Nunez] said police deliberately led troublemakers back to the peaceful marchers before beginning their assault.

"The only logical conclusion I can come to is that somebody wanted it to bleed into the march so that they can do some target practice on some of the immigrants that were marching," Nunez said.
If you assume as I do that Nunez simply represents Mexico and its citizens, everything he says and does makes perfect sense.

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That sounds like an agent provocateur, and not like a human being, that you've got for an assembly speaker.

The "hunting immigrants" lie is getting old already. Can they please find another stupid erroneous reason why american society is always so allegedly racist to mexicans? I'm tired of immigrants "living in shadows and in fear" and "being hunted." It's like the same thing, over and over again, as if they all rehearse what is going to be said. These mexican-nationalist-socialists are stale already. Tony Villar left town because he knew something would happen: it was bound to sooner or later when there is no rule of law in the city (except against citizens driving solo in the carpool lane not wearing their seat belts--then the rule of law exists). I would even specualte the mayor was in on it--it was too seemingly orchestrated to be coincidental. They are going to run this country like the cartels run mexico, I predict. I would have preferred to see more illegal aliens, racist hate mongers and journalistas get brutalized by the LAPD. If it were Americans marching in Tijuana, they would all be put in prison, tortured, then deported. How much longer is California and our pussified governator going to take this shit from these electeds? Isn't this the same state that recalled Rose Bird? Where is the outrage? Treason is still punishable by death in the State of California, people. Put this dog down.

Lokk guy you know me i hate cops but in this cases the cops did right beat the rats, Long live the cops who did the right thing! we need to see more cops acting like cops and beat the pigs and send the rats home to get beaten by some monkey in Mexico

Have you ever wondered why immigrants seem to succeed faster than people who have been here a lot longer? I can tell you, it's called backbreaking work ethic. Despite all the negativity, most of us refuse to adopt the victim mentality one particular race uses. Immigrant from all races have the fighter mentality. Push them down and they'll just get right back up. Now, if everyone else would do that there would be fewer people griping about immigrants taking their jobs. Shut up! Stop your whining! Get off your lazy native ass and sell some oranges by the freeway if you have to. Go to the 99c store, buy a toilet brush and start cleaning houses. Grab a towel and wash some cars.

I must apologize for that one insidious comment. I just wish people would loook in the mirror before casting stones. It's funny how America throws it's garbage in everyone else's backyard and then acts shocked when people move up here trying to escape from it.

Ana: Pay attention. The article is about law-breaking illegal alien scumbags attacking our police and a traitorous Mexican-"American" politician who represents the interests of a foreign government and a foreign people, not that of Americans. It is not about "immigrants" (illegal aliens) stealing American jobs, although we blog about that subject on other threads as well. Also if your "work ethic" is so great, Mexico would today be a First World country instead of a corrupt, Third World, drug-cartel controlled toilet. Talk about whining -- it's all the US's fault that we "dump" our garbage in other countries. Hello? The only garbage I see being dumped is the mountains of trash the members of your "raza" litter all over the formerly pristine California highway system, the meth and other types of dope your "raza" shoves in the faces of our children, and the 25 million pounds of toxic debris with which you've destroyed our formerly beautiful Southwestern desert wilderness land.

Pics of Anchor Baby Faby saluting the Mexican flag (with tears in his eyes -- how touching!) are to be found all over the Internet. Also YouTube video of Anchor Baby Super-Mex-Mex-Mex Faby talking and laughing during the playing of the US national anthem and then standing up and saluting (with tears in his eyes, no doubt)during the Mexican anthem a few minutes later. In the old days this POS would have gotten a date with a tall tree and a short rope.