Lawsuits, etc. over MacArthur Park illegal immigration riot

The National Lawyer's Guild is now saying that they're going to file a class action lawsuit against the LAPD and the City of Los Angeles over the riot which occured at yesterday's illegal immigration march in MacArthur Park. Apparently a group of protesters is currently holding a press conference; they're wearing masks and waving a Mexican flag as well as the flag of the FMLN (El Salvador's Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front). They were previously a guerilla organized but they've morphed into a semi-mainstream political party.

UPDATE: One of those at the press conference is Ron Gochez.

UPDATE 2: To make this clear, it wasn't clear whether those at the press confab were actually with the FMLN or just supporters.

There are police scanner intercepts in these MP3 files: 1, 2. Per this:

...In part one you will hear the cops talking about being pelted with rocks and bottles at around the 11 minute mark. People were throwing stuff from apartments too. At around the 14 minute mark someone starts a fire. Note that the media ignored many of these facts... In part two the rowdiness starts around the 05:30 mark. Some jokes around 10:50. At around 14:10 there is talk of people throwing bottles at cars. At 16 minutes they start going after some of the mobsters.

In other news, far-leftie Pasadena City College teacher Leslie Radford offers "Police Terror in the Park":

Meanwhile, another person offers "LAPD tries to crush immigrant rights movement":

And, "May Day 2007; A Report To Correct The Balance":

Burn, baby, burn writ small, as some trash or similar was alighted three blocks from the scene:

There are a couple videos from the incident currently at this link:

UPDATE 3: Los Angeles Times reporter Jill Leovy describes the melee from her perspective here:

a small group of young protesters, including several wearing bandanas over their faces, had been hovering near the police on this side of the park. Unlike the rest of the protesters, who mostly ignored officers, this group had appeared quite focused on the police throughout the march -- watching them, filming them at close range, hollering at them, etc... [later on] When the police had driven the last of the press and protesters to the northwest corner of the park, an order came specifically directed at the press: "Members of the media" were told they were there illegally by an officer on foot... ...A block west of the park on 6th, a couple dozen young men and middle-aged men threw plastic garbage cans into the street. They formed a barricade of garbage cans blocking traffic and also threw material at passing cars. A large metal truck hubcap was sent spinning into the street toward people. An older man began hitting a Metro bus pulled up to the curb with a large piece of wood. A dozen men stood in the middle of the street taunting the advancing police line...

Bonus sub-text: "established" press vs. "self-styled grassroots reporters" and "self-appointed journalists". The former are obviously upset.

There's also video shot from inside a bus driving through the protest here.

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Pleeeze! I know of no mainstream, sem- or not political parties that hold press conferences wearing masks.

Of course, the anarchists provoked the action with the Lawyers Guild people watching (they must have been diverted from representing their terrorist clients in Gitmo) and the police again are under investigation. Why doesn't someone investigate the protesters and their motives? Blame America first.

Well its all part of the plan, what people don't get is the cops are part of the third worlds people, most cops in L.A. Are from the third world, and yes the cops have been attacked over and over so if you are some cop say from Mexico and came here 20 years ago you will act out your own race culture and traditions of beating the other monkey's AND HELL PAT IS RIGHT, This is so much fun to watch, the rats had it coming, free the police soon all of the cops will be in prison and the drug gangs will be running L.A. From the top down, "after all that is part of the customs in the third world".

OMG, I can't believe you just said Ron "This is mexicano land" Gochez. I thought he had been scrapped into the dustbin of history. Some racists never go away. Five years later, this pig is still hard at work destroying this country.

Slightly off-topic here, but I just read on Phil Hendrie's blog that he supports amnesty for illegals. What a tard he's turned out to be.

Erik we will see before the civil war starts many rats, sad part is it can't be stopped. unless the government starts to act like a government of the people and by the people BUT that will never happen.