Ken Mehlman, your hat sir, thank you, good bye

Former RNC chief Ken Mehlman offers "Hispanic outreach crucial to GOP" which, as you might guess, is wrong. And, just how wrong he is is pointed out to him forcefully in the comments; while he was interviewed by John & Ken a couple years back, a few of the comments are even more devastating to his position. One wonders whether he's ever actually heard people say these things before or whether, like Bush, he's been ensconced in his own bubble.

The first comment is from me (aka Immigration2008DotCom), but two other comments are even better, specifically the one from KDaddy and also the one from Buehford.

Note also that the article is from May 1, and it was linked from Politico's home page yesterday. Now, it's not on the home page at all, not even linked from their "Ideas" listing. You need to go to that page to get the link to the article. I have a suspicion that he asked them to take it off the front page, but one never knows.


Mehlman, Bush, and the rest are all dumbasses. They are going to put the GOP out of business (which is not an entirely bad thing, IMO), but they're too stupid to grasp that. For the next 40-50 years English speaking Americans of European ancestry are going to be the majority, and the GOP is basically the party of that cohort - with the exception of single women and gay men. Minority outreach is one thing, but it's another thing entirely to intentionally antagonize your most dependable voters. Put another way, there aren't enough Hispanic voters to make up for the voters they're pissing off and driving away. If you're in business, the fastest way to go bankrupt is to make you're most loyal, dependable customers feel unwelcome, yet that is what the GOP is doing. I put the life expectancy of the GOP at about 15 years.

KEN...Please LET the door hit you on the way out!!!

Gary the mass number of people coming here in 10 years will make the white race third class people in 10 years the GOP Is getting a hell of a-lot of money from Mexico city and making and hell of a-lot of money off the third worlds people coming here. the DNC is as evil and corrupt as the GOP. The reason why we can still say this is OUR BILL OF RIGHTS IS STILL THE RULE OF LAW BUT SOON THE POWER OF THE VOTE WILL BE IN THE HANDS OF OTHERS WHO CAN'T UNDERSTAND FREEDOM. Think about the future and understand your enemies will to do evil against you, both political parties hate our freedoms.