Andrew Sullivan Syndrome (Don Imus)

Regarding the Don Imus matter, Andrew Sullivan says:

...Punishing someone for calling college women "whores" - especially those who have beaten the odds and are role models for other back girls and women - is not a new step in political correctness. It's applying a very old American standard of fairness and decency, which now applies to all Americans, regardless of race or gender. This was the voice of mainstream America speaking...

And, in this post he prints a letter from a reader implying that those concerned about double-standards do so because they want to use the "n-word".

Obviously, the letter writer has made an obvious error, which Sully - oddly enough - either didn't notice or didn't think his readers would. Namely, perhaps the issue is not so much that they want to use the "n-word", but that they wonder why the same punishment meted out to errant white people is not meted out to the endless string of blacks and Hispanics who've said far worse things than what Imus did.

Just as obviously, the Sully's "standard of fairness and decency" do not apply to errant People of Color. If they did, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been driven from public life years ago.

For another example, the chairman of the California Democratic Party (Art Torres) said this in the 90s:

"[Proposition] 187 was the last gasp of white America in California."

If he said that today, would he be Imus'ed? I highly doubt it. The media would cover it up and if that didn't work they'd try to downplay it.

Torres even has a bit of an Imus connection; currently at we read the following:

Imus Off The Air...
Thank you to the thousands of Americans who spoke out! Because so many people expressed their outrage by taking action, such as signing our boycott petition, CBS has fired Don Imus, sending the strongest possible message that demeaning any group in the name of entertainment will not be tolerated.

Chairman Torres would like to share this letter of thanks he received from Elizabeth Badger-Bartels, CEO/Founder of the Minority Outreach Committee.

I'm sure Sully's "standard of fairness and decency" will apply the next time a Democrat, "liberal", or leftist says something far worse than anything Imus ever said.


The current CRP won't emphasize Torres' remarks despite his party chair status. I got a shrug when I mentioned "the last gasp of white people" to former CRP chairman Shawn Steele in 2001, and the Sundheim machine plunged the CRP into further depths of PC when it stood behind Arnold in 2002-2003. Instead of using Torres' own racist belief system and words against him politically, the CRP's agenda changed to something consistent with Torres' comments. And by using its own form of PC, the CRP effectively took it out of the debate. Nevertheless, these guys (Nunez, Torres, the entire Chicano Caucus) don't talk like this anymore because they are quick learners and discovered the consequences. While they harbor ill sentiments for whites, they no longer dare mention it publicly.

_Punishing someone for calling college women "whores"..._ Actually, he didn't call them "whores". Not literally. It was a joke made in poor taste, using a...colloquialism commonly used mostly by Blacks, one aimed at women, one with a sort of jesting, generally denigrating connotation. He never meant to call them "whores", AND EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. Including a dog like Al Sharpton, who must positively drool at these chances to humiliate Whites, to make them grovel and apologize. If you want to call a woman a whore, everyone knows you go about doing that. The country has gone totally insane. I'm still waiting for anyone in the 'black community' to aplolgize for things like this [1].


eh you can wait ok but the fact is as the rats move here by the nillions the big boys in washington will have to find enemies and that enemy will be the white race and as we all know this nation is being collapsed by a far white/hispanic/ world rich and power rat who want one thing a world of total enslavement, old don Imus is just one more fool who made jokes about the one world order and now he may some-day get what evil is, don is just one more victim and sad to say no one will remember him in 4 weeks time. "Hey kids you are the next guarry" and by the way when you live in a nation without laws and "ran" AND WANT THE MYTHOLOGY THAT ALL IS OK You will be ruled by monkey's. ask what will happen down this coming hell road you have helped to make. and may God help you all. by the way black are just tools and so are hispnics and are little yellow families of monkey's.

oh yes thank you # we as a people of the earth have never been over ten percent of the worlds population but have made 90 percent of all human advancements in the last 3500 years, if it was not for whites on this earth the monkey people would still be cutting each others hearts out with a stone knife the only good thing about whites disappearing from earth is within 20 years the monkey's will be back in the tree's.

To underscore the totally insane part: according to this CNN story [1], New Jersey governor Corzine was injured in that crash while he was ON HIS WAY TO BE PRESENT AT THE MEETING BETWEEN IMUS AND THE RUTGERS WOMEN\'S BASKETBALL TEAM.


by the way Imus has a well known cancer ranch for kids about 60 percent are hispanics and black's.

A former Democrat who used to donate to the party every year, I still get solicitation calls from the California DP. I've sent letters and emails to the California DP asking them to explain/repudiate Art Torres's remarks and have never received an answer from them. Needless to say, I no longer give them money. One time I was called for a donation and I told the solicitor that I wouldn't donate to the California DP until they stopped supporting illegal immigration. The solictor -- who sounded black -- said, "you know what, I agree with you." Even their own solicitors are angry about illegal immigration!