"A Christmas Story" director killed by illegal alien (allegedly driving drunk)

Robert Clark - the director of the movies "A Christmas Story" and "Porky's" - and his adult son were killed on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Pacific Palisades (home of celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger) yesterday in head-on car collision. The driver of the other car was Hector Velazquez-Nava, who was driving without a license.

Now, Eric Leonard of KFI-AM reports that Nava is an illegal alien. He has no immigration record, but apparently a more thorough search is being performed to determine whether he's been previously deported under another name.

While the Los Angeles Times spends several paragraphs on the two victims' biographies ("'A Christmas Story' director dies in crash" by Valerie Reitman and Andrew Blankstein), they don't appear to have covered the immigration-related aspects, and, based on their past actions they probably never will.


that would be an incredibly shrinking LA Times.

Why is it illegals drive drunk with impunity, when citizens lose their license for a year for having two drinks with dinner? Is it that easy to simply skip bail, skip court, and shine it on? Tell O'Reilly. He's the only media guy who will cover it.

OReilly and Geraldo went at it tonight big time over the two teens killed in VA Beach by the illegal drunk........GO GET EM BILL!! DEPORT GERALDO!!!

the mexican pig will go free soon, watch and see. its happened to a lot of people over the last 20 years, but when a well-known guy and his kid get killed by a little rat it makes the news, how sad, in one week no one will remember or care.