Penny Stinson undercut Proposition 100 after it passed (Maricopa County, Arizona)

From this:
A Maricopa County court official took action to circumvent Proposition 100 less than two weeks after Arizona voters passed the constitutional amendment that denies bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes.

A memo dated Nov. 17 - shortly before Proposition 100 took effect - instructed Maricopa County Superior Court workers to stop asking about immigration status in inmates’ pretrial interviews.

"Due to recent changes in the legislation and the liberty interest implications, we will no longer be asking defendants any questions regarding their citizenship," wrote pretrial services director Penny Stinson in an e-mail obtained by the Tribune.
She tagged the email "EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY" and even sent a second email reiterating her demands. Rep. Russell Pearce and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas are looking into the matter.


Ms Stinson has learned very well from the activist judges. She just does what she wants and let the people be damned. Anybody for feeding her a piece of cake?

Penny Stinson obviously knew her boundaries, or she wouldn't have sent the memo. It is evident that she felt it was not the duty of pretrial services to condemn illegal immigrants to be deported. I support her decision.