PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians oppose driver's licenses, Arnold's healthcare for illegal aliens

The Public Policy Institute of California has released a statewide survey (link), and some of their findings are questionable due to a lack of specificity in the questions. And, some of the finding have been spun:

While political reform dominates conversation in the state capitol, Californians say immigration (19%) is the most important issue facing the state today, followed by jobs and the economy (13%), and education (12%). Despite their concerns about immigration, a majority of residents (60%) also believe immigrants are a benefit to the state because of their hard work and job skills, while one-third (33%) say they are a burden because of their use of public services.

It bears repeating that to the respondents, immigration is the #1 issue. Unfortunately, this is where their linguistic laxity starts to play a role.

Looking at the PDF (ppic.org/content/pubs/survey/S_307MBS.pdf), we see that the 19% number was apparently a free-form question allowing people to supply their own answer to the question "First, thinking about the state as a whole, what do you think is the most important issue facing people in California today?" In the top spot is "immigration, illegal immigration"; one wonders why they didn't break that out into two figures. The answer is probably because they were using codes for various answers and, as revealed elsewhere, they seem unable to grasp the differences between legal and illegal immigration.

See, for instance, another question which is referenced in the second paragraph above:

Please indicate which statement comes closest to your own view—even if neither is exactly right: [rotate] [1] Immigrants today are a benefit to California because of their hard work and job skills [or] [2] Immigrants today are a burden to California because they use public services.

Obviously, this is a fundamentally stupid question. It combines different types of immigration into one amorphous whole, and it assumes that the question is only one of financial matters rather than other issues such as the associated political corruption and such.


Should immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally be allowed to apply for work permits which would allow them to stay and work in the United States, or shouldn’t they be allowed to do that?

64% said yes, but I wonder whether this question could have been phrased better, such as by using "illegal aliens" rather than leading with "immigrants" then revealing they're here illegally.

The language in the previous question is a bit different from two others:

Do you favor or oppose providing health care coverage for illegal immigrants in California?

43% favor, 53% oppose.

Would you favor or oppose state legislation allowing illegal immigrants to get a California driver's license?

43% favor, 54% oppose.


And now the model illegal immigrant city school district is in big trouble. Not for changing the school year to accommodate the exodus back to Mexico every December-January, but for lying to get more money from the feds. state to review enrollment [1]

[1] www.ocregister.com/ocregister/news/local/santaana/article_1635123.php/

looks like the illegal alien community and their legal family members are about 43% of the population.

_Should immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally be allowed to apply for work permits which would allow them to stay and work in the United States, or shouldnÂ’t they be allowed to do that?_ "Allowed to apply" implies there will be some selectivity in the process, when we know there will be none. Basically anyone without a serious criminal record will be approved, and the rapists and murderers and child molesters are not likely to show up to apply for a work permit. Also, some people might be fooled into thinking that this is some kind of temporary worker program when, in fact, it will be de facto permanent residence.

No such survey can ever be really representative because the race/ethnicity issue will never be honestly addressed. Since immigration (legal and illegal) is so great right now that it is CLEARLY MINORITIZING WHITES, a good question to them -- the people who represent the demographic heritage of America -- might be something like this: Is such a level of immigration acceptable to you, even if the immigrants have 'job skills'? If Whites had the full story about immigration today, and could answer in confidence, I wonder how many would volunteer to become a minority in THEIR OWN COUNTRY. Of course it's ridiculous to suggest or imply that all or even most immigrants have 'job skills' -- anyone familiar with the issue knows one of the biggest problems with current immigration is that exactly the opposite is true. And their children are not significantly different.

Two generations of media/govt brainwashing inhibit whites from thinking(or at lest expressing themselves) in racial terms. "Black Pride/Solidarty", "Hispanic Pride/Solidarity", "Asian Pride/Solidaity" are wonderful things according to the media and government and media. But "White Pride/Solidarity" = Hitler and the KKK. Most educated whites think such a concept is laughably absurd and beneath them. Others are simply intimidated into conforming to the prejudices of the dominant ideology.

To clarify: most educated whites think any concept of white solidarity is absurd and beneath them.

Expat is dead on the money, thank you. don't be fooled the system is in place to make you the whites of the nation who make up only 10 percent of the worlds population third class people inside this nation a enemy of the world and we all understand what will happen when laws of a nation disappear and the rats take power. don't be the New Jew, its 1937 do you want to see the inside of a Camp? within 10 to 20 years? for not being the Right Race? By the way the pro-illegal people really are working for the mexican oligarchies and don't know it, how sad.