White House's "tough cop" amnesty scheme (the "infinitely renewable Z visa")

Apparently the private talks the White House has been having with various Senators regarding yet another illegal alien amnesty scheme have reached the point where they're starting to leak the plan in order to get feedback. It appears to be the "tough cop" version of the Flake-Gutierrez massive giveaway; the goal is presumably to get a compromise that most Democrats and many Republicans could support. Most Americans would not support any kind of amnesty if they were aware of the massive legal and continued illegal immigration that would result.

Since they apparently want feedback, I suggest letting them know what you think. The White House comments line is 202-456-1111, and the switchboard is at 202-456-1414.

According to David Espo of the AP, the plan:

would make it harder for millions of illegal immigrants to gain citizenship than under legislation passed by the Senate last year, according to officials in both parties... These officials said the administration also suggested barring future guest workers who enter the country legally from bringing family members with them - a proposal unlikely to survive intact... The officials spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss about elements of a plan that was not yet public...

His sources are anonymous because they say the plan isn't yet public. One of them is probably Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, who's a named source in the LAT article (below).

As described by several officials, the proposal would allow currently illegal immigrants to stay in the United States under a new Z visa. They could apply for so-called green cards [legal permanent resident status], taking their place in line alongside men and women who are in the country legally and want citizenship, and would be required to undergo periodic background checks while waiting...

One of the hidden bonuses of last year's Senate scheme was that former illegal aliens who were applying for citizenship would actually have been put in the line ahead of those who've been waiting for a chance to come here legally. And, of course, they'd get to live here all the while unlike those legal immigrants. Since the line is in effect serial, "alongside" needs to be further specified.

The length of their wait would depend on the number of green cards available - a feature that officials in both parties said would mean millions of illegal immigrants would have to wait far longer than under the Senate bill of last year. "It takes longer and they've got to go through the same channels as everybody else," said one Republican who had been briefed on the administration's proposal...

Nicole Gaouette of the Los Angeles Times - who writes like an unaware college newspaper "reporter" giddily transcribing the remarks of government officials - says:

Some illegal immigrants would be given legal status through an infinitely renewable "Z visa." [Georg Cantor, call your office] Those who want to become U.S. citizens would have to leave the country and return legally. A guest worker program would be created that does not allow participants to bring family members, remain in the U.S. or become citizens. And, to ensure that employers can check on whether job applicants are legal, databases at Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration would be linked... The Republican group is also considering several "triggers," or benchmarks, that would have to be met on improved border security, work-site enforcement and document verification before other changes could be made.

The Flake-Guitierrez amnesty scam contains a similar provision, as does the Mike Pence scam, but both of those are not tied to performance regarding reduced illegal immigration; rather, they're tied to having resources in place or as little as having plans ready. I have little doubt that the White House scheme will be similar.


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