Flake-Gutierrez: seven amnesties in one; precursor to North American Union

This page looks at some of the provisions of the Flake-Gutierrez STRIVE amnesty, including the news that it includes no less than seven amnesties rolled into one. It also gives illegal aliens a huge benefit of the doubt in trying to prove they're eligible for the main amnesty.


The true horror of H.R. 1645 is that it is the most explicit expression yet of the globalist elite's ambition to destroy United States sovereignty in favor of a European Union-style subcontinental government, including, of course, marriage with Mexico... For starters, they're moving the border. ...H.R. 1645 begins with "Title I—Border Enforcement" and "Subtitle C—Southern Border Security". ...But upon closer examination, theyre referring to Mexico’s southern border!


Honest to God ...do we all have to joIN hands at the border to finALLY GET THIS MADNESS TO STOP!!

So these clever little traitors, Flake and Gutierrez, have worked amnesty AND the SPP all into one tidy little poison pill, err, Bill. Such hard working family folks they are. Someday, soon, someone will put to work that Constitutional provision for dealing with snakes like these two. The gallows where Mary Surratt met her fate is gone, replaced by a tennis court, I believe. It would be fitting, poetic justice, to have it rebuilt by illegal labor. Then again, all American Union labor would be fine, too. Didn't someone say that a capitalist will sell you the rope that will be used to hang him? There are an awful lot of people working in Washington that cannot seem to remember which Country they work for, and they make a lot of rope while selling their amnesty plans.

jeebie said it best, its a real poison pill, and i love the line about the rope its been sold to us for years now that the people must fall in line, long live the USA, ASK WHY are we in this war? when this business deal once called the USA Has been sold to mexico city and the third worlds rulers? think freedom from evil pigs like Flake and this pig Gutierrez who works for mexico city day and night to do drug deals with people being sold by the millions into enslavement. think open civil war for freedom from evil doers.