George P. Bush.. In The Navy

Setting out to find pleasure, search the world for treasure, and learn science and technology, George P. Bush - Hispanic nephew of Our Leader George W. Bush - is joining the Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer. He'll serve eight years, but he'll make it thirty more years if we're lucky. In the unlucky option, he'd get out when he's 38. To run for president you have to be 35, and this is a likely precursor to the U.S. being treated to yet another member of the Bush family degrading the nation with their "leadership".

Of course, by that time the U.S. will have an even larger Hispanic minority, and "P." can appeal to them out of racial grounds and almost certainly through socially conservative demagoguery: gay marriage, abortion, and the like. In fact, all of that might have been their plan all along. Of course, there's no guarantee that "P." would even run as a Republican; he might have a miraculous conversion if that party is no longer able to get enough votes to win national contests.

In one of his first likely public lies, "P." says:

"Honestly, I'm kind of a little disappointed that the word got out... I was hoping to keep this as confidential as possible. I'm not doing it for political purposes or anything along those lines..."

On a lighter note, a commentor says:

It might be to get away from his sister Noelle's constant begging for crack money.

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