Indiana plastics company raided; activists enraged over detainee treatment

A plastics company in Northern Indiana was the subject of an immigration raid today, with 36 arrested and "many enraged", sources say. One of those enraged persons is Emma Lozano of Pueblo Sin Fronteras. In addition to her day job, she might just be Elvira Arellano's puppetmaster. Refering to the detention, she says (via this):

"They treat these people as if they're numbers and not as human beings. But worse, is that they're being held and given nothing to eat and treated as if they are criminals."

But that's not all:

"When we knew about this issue, we immediately reacted and we complained with immigration authorities and homeland security," said Carlos Sada of the Mexican Consulate.

As to what they're complaining about: using a felt tip marker to write numbers on the detainee's hands. Oh, the humanity!


The complaints never end, over rights that don't exist, injustices that never happened. Lawbreakers frequently start the whining about justice when they get caught. No personal responsibility whatsoever (those famous Bush family values). For every illegal criminal that complains there are 100 U.S. Citizens who say "Thank you, ICE!" Build the Wall. Deport 'em all. Elvira first. Bush second. Let them complain to their own government, not ours.