AILA, Catholic Legal Immigration Network helping illegal aliens

From this:
Advocates have launched a campaign to educate immigrants about their rights following a series of arrests in Southern California and across the nation.

Legal aid and nonprofit groups have joined forces to hold town hall meetings, hand out information packets and produce a DVD to prepare illegal immigrants for future law enforcement sweeps.

The outreach is part of a broader effort by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, American Immigration Lawyers Assn. and other organizations seeking reforms...
On the one hand, this isn't extremely objectionable in that illegal aliens do have rights, including the right to representation. However, given the history of the U.S. Catholic Church I get the feeling they aren't approaching this in good faith. I also wonder whether they have any qualms about including "Legal Immigration" in their name.


The Catholic Legal is as Red as it gets, and face facts you got to make a stand someday, but when? and where? and how?

HUH? "LEGAL SERVICES for Immigrants provided by Catholics" sounds a little verbose... even for lawyers.

I'M an Hispanic Catholic, educated through elementary up to College graduate in the Catholic School system, and I never would of thought in a thousand years, that Catholic organazations would care more for Illegal aliens, than that of your own citizens. One must understand that today's illegal immigration is not the type of immigration that existed when my parents came to this country. That immigration rerspected authority, educated, worked and than had families. Today's illegal immigration, has no respect for authourity, has family before he even makes a contribution to society, rapes our woman, and burglarizes our bussiness.