Bergen County Community Action Program: coffee, donuts for illegal aliens

It's tempting to just put "Supporters feed, clothe immigrant day laborers" by Elizabeth Llorente of The Record/Herald News in the circular Useful Idiots file, but it'll get worse in a second:
The aroma of the meat-filled turnovers, known in Spanish as empanadas, filled a narrow side street Saturday, as more than 100 immigrant laborers who gather here daily were treated to breakfast.

Laborers also availed themselves of doughnuts, bread, milk, juice and bottled water. And most of them picked up brochures that offered information in Spanish on everything from work-related accidents to recognizing the signs of heat exhaustion and hydrogen sulfide leaks.

The food and information were courtesy of a group of immigration advocates from various towns of Bergen County. The advocates said they hosted the breakfast to show support to the laborers and offer encouragement at a time when the federal government is cracking down on illegal immigrants and political tensions are rising.

The Bergen County Community Action Program, which is increasing its involvement with day laborers, coordinated the event...
According to their page (, the BCCAP "is Bergen County's designated anti-poverty agency" and they "draw upon multiple funding and support streams from federal, state and local governments, and the corporate and philanthropic sectors". Like Casa de Maryland, this is another example of a publicly-funded non-profit supporting illegal immigration.

One of BCCAP's helpers at the event is Ellie Spiegel of Leonia; she appears to be part of a couple "international"-oriented organizations, and has been standing on street corners for a few years protesting the Iraq war (
Spiegel was among about a dozen North Jersey residents who mingled with the laborers, asking about their lives in North Jersey and the lives they left behind. Together, they looked over the brochures and spoke about the services that the county offered them despite the illegal status of nearly all of them.
Rather than encouraging these illegal aliens to return to their home countries, presumed representatives of the BCCAP are encouraging them to use public services. The quoted article from gets worse and includes another Useful Idiot dropping off clothing for the day laborers.

One of BCCAP's reps is their "community organization coordinator" Cesar Estrella, who's also featured in "CAP agency's liaison aids immigrant workers" by Monsy Alvarado, which reminds us yet again that there are almost no Hispanic reporters who don't oppose our immigration laws.


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