Mitt Romney comes out against the word "amnesty"

Glen Johnson of the Associated Press offers "Romney assails rivals on national issues". It quotes Mitt Romney as saying the following at a New Hampshire campaign stop:
"I don't agree with [presumably McCain's stance on immigration]; I think it's the wrong course... I do not believe amnesty is the right course for the 11 or 12 million illegal immigrant who are living here. It didn't work in the 1980s; it's not going to work in the 2000s either."
It isn't clear whether Romney opposes amnesty in the same manner as George Bush does. Bush supports amnesty, he just doesn't support calling it amnesty, prefering to use euphemisms. Bear in mind that Mitt Romney is linked to Jeb Bush.

"Reporter" Johnson could have asked Romney a question that would have revealed exactly what he supports and what he doesn't but, needless to say, he acted only as a transcription service.
Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, said he opposes amnesty, favors securing the U.S.-Mexico border with a fence, and wants to institute an employment verification system through high-tech identification cards.

"If we can do that, then we can solve our problem with immigration. The answer is not amnesty," Romney said to hearty applause from an audience of more than 150 gathered at New Hampshire Technical College.

McCain spokesman Matt David cited the discrepancy in Romney's statements on the issue, citing his comment last March in which the former governor said he doesn't believe in rounding up 11 million people and forcing them at gunpoint from the country.

"At a time when Senator McCain is working with the White House to solve one of our nation's biggest challenges, factually inaccurate rhetoric might score short-term political points but it does nothing to solve the larger issue," David said.
Once again, "reporter" Johnson should have pointed out the false choice that McCain is offering but did not.


The Bush family loves Mexico, end of story.