Bay City News Wire demands to know why ICE is doing their job

The Bay City News Wire - apparently an even-further left version of the AP operated by KPIX/CBS 5 out of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, alerts us that "SF: PROTESTERS KICK OFF WEEK OF ACTION AGAINST IMMIGRANT ARRESTS". The verbage used is similar to that from their "investigative reporter" Anna Werner, but the author isn't known. As with the article at the link, they don't seem to understand this whole "immigration law"/"city laws vs. federal laws" thing:
Several immigrant-rights organizations kicked off a week of action today in San Francisco in response to what they say is a recent spike in Bay Area raids on illegal immigrants.

The rally coincides with a San Francisco Board of Supervisors resolution that condemns enforcement efforts in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, and lobbies federal lawmakers to change immigration standards.

But officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) defend their actions and deny that there has been a recent crackdown on undocumented immigrants...
Did I miss the glorious news that San Francisco has seceded from the U.S.? Is there some reason why ICE has to "defend their actions", as long as they're lawful? Is the BCNW unaware that we have immigration laws and an agency that every once in a while enforces them? Apparently so:
Spokeswoman Virginia Kice said ICE has been conducting enforcement operations since 2003 when ICE was formed and began the fugitive operations initiative.
After a quick search of Wikipedia, the BCNW crack reporter determined that this "ICE" thing is indeed part of the federal government, as they claim.
Evelyn Sanchez, advocacy coordinator for the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition, said ICE isn't admitting to recent raids and shakedowns in low-income communities in San Francisco, Concord and other Bay Area sites.
"Shakedowns"? What is this, The News Channel for Thugs?
A Board of Supervisors resolution sponsored by Supervisors Chris Daly, Tom Ammiano and Gerardo Sandoval, charges immigration officials with entering homes in their districts without warrants. It also accuses officials of harassing and intimidating residents... She said ICE only goes out to arrest people who have been through the court system and have been ordered by a judge to leave the country. In the process of these operations, ICE runs across other illegal immigrants and makes arrests accordingly...
ICE is trying as hard as they can not to do their job, and the far-lefties aren't playing along, allowing people like me to point out that post-"reform", these same far-left groups would continue to oppose the raids mandated by the "reform" they support. Clearly, these groups have no interest in "reform", and are only seeking a massive amnesty combined with open borders in the future.

In related news, Renee Saucedo of La Raza Centro Legal and the San Francisco Day Labor Program, together with St. Peter's Housing Committee, the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition, Deporten a la Migra Coalition ("deport the Border Patrol/ICE"), and other groups will be conducting marches in front of the ICE Building in 'Frisco this week:

You can read about a Deporten rally here: and read Deporten's demands here:
Just like movements for the redistribution of agricultural land, we demand democratic control of the land. We the workers are the ones creating value from the land, and it is just for us to have democratic control of it.
Those doughty capitalists told us we were importing cheerful, compliant workers, but it turns out we were importing land reformers instead.


So true, lonewacko. Every city declaring sanctuary status has, by that act, also declared secession from the United States and our laws. Why is ICE doing their job? (Sarcasm alert: they really aren't). What I really want to know is, why isn't the U.S. Army there to round up and arrest these treasonous governors, mayors and council members? If martial law and military justice is necessary to deport the infestation of illegals and their enablers, then so be it. On the other hand, if secession is now O.K., then can my State enforce its own borders, disregard federal law, and enforce its own immigration laws? States... just doing the job Bush won't do.