Illegal aliens rehired at Buckley Air Force Base after raid

From this:
Illegal immigrants say they were working on a military housing project outside Buckley Air Force Base within days after a major immigration raid there last year.

Immigration officials said at the time that they were protecting national security and sending a message to employers with the Sept. 20 raid, which nabbed more than 120 workers.

Most of the workers were from Mexico and were quickly deported. Others came from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Three had outstanding criminal warrants and were turned over to Aurora police.

Julio Cesar Rodriguez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, told the Rocky Mountain News he was back on the job a few days after the raid.

So was Martin Torrez, who said he saw about a dozen workers who returned to Buckley after they were deported...

The housing site is near the giant golf ball-like satellite monitoring systems on the base, which assist in global surveillance, missile warnings and homeland defense operations...

[Juan Guzman, a legal permanent resident who befriended some of the deported workers] said one worker told him he called a foreman while he was still in Mexico to see if he could get his job back.

"He was told, 'Just come back under a new identity, and we'll hire you back,' " Guzman said...
Bear in mind, of course, that the latter may or may not have happened, and there doesn't appear to be proof that any of those who had been deported were back working at the base. Of course, whether the DHS is looking for that proof is an open question.

The main contractor in this case is Hunt Building Co. Ltd. from El Paso, and, as could be expected, they have subcontractors.

The rest of the article goes into the details of labor laws, whether the contractors failed to pay their workers, etc. The second part of this series is tomorrow and is entitled... "The construction industry is addicted to illegal labor."


This sounds like traitorous dereliction of the responsibility to maintain national security.
How could the servicemen who check ID's not
raise an issue over it?
You know it's bad when even the military deserts the patriotic cause.