Dick Morris still wrong; Hispanics, unprincipled GOP, religious conservatives

Dick Morris - at one time on Vicente Fox's payroll - offers "The Latino revolution":
...Evangelicals, of any race or ethnicity, are fertile ground for Republicans and may provide a huge opening to swing the formerly Democratic Hispanic vote toward a more even-handed stance or even make it a core element of an emerging Republican majority.

I recently met with Rev. Sam Rodriquez, the leader of the national association of Evangelical Latino churches. He's a Republican dream: pro-life, anti-gay marriage, and a Bush voter...

Unfortunately, the hostile reception immigration reform has received from the GOP side of the aisle in Washington is turning off the very voters the Republicans can now, for the first time, hope to attract to their side. Based on a fear of Democratic domination of the Hispanic vote, Republican insistence on barring the way to citizenship and voting rights for undocumented or illegal immigrants may drive these very potential Republican supporters back into Democratic arms...
If those "potential Republican supporters" don't support our laws - or want special favors for their race - are they really good candidates for the Republican Party? Morris is, as usual, completely unprincipled. He sees the GOP as a slight variant of the Democratic Party, with the use of red meat social issues and pandering to religious conservatives to bring in the voters.

He's also living in a fantasy world: no matter how much the GOP supports multiculturalism (i.e., Gramscism) and massive immigration, the Democrats will always be able to offer those who want open borders for racial reasons a better deal.


A minority of Hispanics in this country are illegal aliens. The vast majority of Hispanics throughout the world are not illegal aliens. Yet this asshole indicts the entire group based on the actions of a few

Good comments above. Search Dick Morris site:vdare.com brings up many articles over the years showing how Morris and Rove are wrong about Hispanics. They are not going to vote majority Republican, and immigration pandering will give them even less reason to.

Hispanics who don't want immigration have no reason to vote Republican, and as pointed out above, those who are for immigration will vote the real thing, Democrats to get welfare. Amnesty means they can't be deported for crime.

"The Latino revolution":...

Has he been to a jail in the southwest recently? Or heard about "Latino" school performance? Maybe he could name one prosperous "Latino" nation.

The hispanics in the GOP Want one thing "MEXICO HERE AND NOW" The Hispanics in the DNC Want one thing "MEXICO HERE AND NOW", So who is working for the USA, two words, "NO ONE".