Hillary Clinton endorses Bush on immigration amnesty

From this:
Speaking to about 300 community leaders in an area with a large immigrant population [Miami], Mrs. Clinton staked out a centrist position on the hot-button topic [of immigration], saying she supported a "pathway to legalization" for the nation's 11 million to 12 million estimated undocumented immigrants, but only if they waited in line and paid fines. She described her stance as "basically" what the president has proposed.

"I think, on this issue, the president is right," Mrs. Clinton said...
Needless to say, that position is "centrist" only in so far as it's not as extreme as those who want to declare open borders. The Clinton/Bush scheme would vastly increase legal immigration, continue to allow illegal immigration, and give racial demagogues and the government of Mexico even more political power inside the U.S. That's not "centrist", that's extremist.
...Mrs. Clinton did not mention the fence issue yesterday. She has said she supports a wall "in certain areas," but she made clear that tougher enforcement of current immigration laws was a top priority. While she scoffed at the suggestion of deporting all illegal immigrants, she had strong words for those who break the law. "The ones who are criminals, let's deport them. If they're criminals, let's move them back to where they came from," Mrs. Clinton said, drawing applause from the crowd.

She called for stricter sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants, and she echoed Mr. Bush in saying undocumented immigrants should have to pay fines and should have a lower priority than legal residents in applying for citizenship, even if it takes "10 to 15 years." Mr. Obama has also stood with the president on immigration, championing legislation that passed the Senate with Mr. Bush's support but that stalled in the House.
The article ends with someone who attended the lecture complaining about Hillary just giving a stock speech. The power to change that is in your hand, but unfortunately not too many people seem willing to go out and ask tough questions.