Remittances to Mexico: $23 billion in 2006

Remittances to Mexico - money sent from legal and illegal immigrants in the U.S. to friends and relatives in Mexico - rose to $23 billion last year. That figure is from Mexico's Central Bank; the Inter-American Development Bank's estimate is $2 billion higher.

This is up from $10 billion five years ago, so obviously some of the increase is due to better accounting. Some is also due to lower costs to send money; note that the Federal Reserve is completely corrupt and is trying to profit from illegal activity by tapping into this market and helping member banks do the same.


our society will become the mexican joke of the world, he may as well face facts and start to build a new nation out of this madness. or become the slave race of the third world rulers.

Jeebie is right.

A tidy sum, seldom reported by the media. And if all of those billions had stayed in our economy? Do we add the 23 billion as the "contribution" (newspeak-deduction) that they make to/from our society? So confusing. Plus, minus, minus, plus...why we could pay illegals even less! 23 billion less. Can you hear it now, the flutter of hundreds of greedy CEO tin hearts? Minimum wage be damned, bring in more slaves!