Casa de Maryland spokesman: an illegal alien?

CASA de Maryland is an odious publicly-funded group that operates day laborer centers and was involved in last year's illegal immigration marches. Among their many other accomplishments, their Executive Director, Gustavo Torres, threatened to picket the schools of the children of Minuteman Project members.

Now, this post directs us to this article about Maryland legislators trying to block driver's licenses for illegal aliens; the latter includes a quote from Casa spokesman Dario Muralles.

I haven't been able to confirm it, but the post says that a reliable source has informed them that Muralles is an illegal alien, although he might be trying to adjust his status. They say that he was cited for driving without a license in May of 2006, and he failed to appear.

The March 16, 2004 Capital News Service article "Immigrant Tuition Bill Gets Facelift, Diverse Support" strongly implies that he's "undocumented", as does 'Immigrants show their legislative power at "Noche de Accion"'.

In Casa's 2005 Annual Report (PDF), he's listed as the "Special Assistant to the Executive Director".

Considering that Casa receives public funding, it's incumbent on officials in the area to verify that Muralles is just a volunteer and is not employed by Casa. If you're in the area, please urge them to do that.


...although he might be trying to adjust his status.

Is that supposed to be some kind of mitigating factor?