Help! I want to hate Hillary Clinton... but I can't!

hillary clinton book signing

Dear Mr. Povich:

I regret to inform you that I am unable to appear on your upcoming "Help! I want to hate Hillary Clinton... but I can't!" episode due to this issue being extremely painful for me. I understand many of the reasons why I should hate the "Hill-da-beast", but as soon as I see her and her pastel pantsuits all those thoughts are replaced with a feeling somewhat similar to admiration.

I realize that if she became president she'd probably conduct raids of opposition bloggers' homes and perhaps send a newly-reinstated Janet Reno out with her flamethrower to take care of the stragglers. Somehow, I don't care.

She wants to mandate that it takes a village? OK, so we all have an extreme thought or two, right? I have been to therapists about this, but none have been able to find a cure. They do inform me that I'm otherwise normal, in that I am able to deeply hate most of those who support Hillary or who are at least on the same side, from Barbra Streisand to Howard Dean. And, while I do have worries about yet another Clinton, all of those feelings take a back seat to the feelings I get when I hear Hillary saying even mundane phrases like, "let's chat". Yes, I realize who also supports her, and... well... I feel like I'm giving aid and comfort to those who mean the rest of us harm... but, I just can't help it. I'm so sorry. So, very, very sorry.