Catholic bishops actively encouraging illegal immigration

Sunday was apparently "World Day of Migrants and Refugees", and border bishops celebrated by actively encouraging illegal immigration. If you know someone who puts money in the collection plate, please send them this article:
...After a two-month journey, which began near the Honduras and Nicaragua border, the road-weary cousins surveyed the final obstacle, separating them from the opportunity to work even as immigration Jeeps parked on the U.S-side of the river.

The comforting arms of the Rev, Michael D. Pfeifer, a bishop from San Angelo, Texas, hooked over the shoulders of Lourdes and Marisol, who were dressed in clothes donated from the Casa Migrante.

"We want to get to the other side," Lourdes said. "I have a cousin living in Virginia. That's where we're headed."

Pfeifer assured the woman that they would reach their destination by the grace of God. His words were returned with timid smiles...
Why not just get into the smuggling business? Or, perhaps work with the Mexican and Central American governments to help them find more efficient ways to avoid their responsibilities?

Later, the Most Rev. Raymundo Pena, bishop of the Diocese of Brownsville, called for a "comprehensive answer to immigration" and spoke out against the "construction of a wall that places new taxes on North Americans and destroys the good existing relations to date between neighbors cannot bring us towards a common goal."

Catholics who are tired of such activities are strongly encouraged to stop giving money and let it be known why. And, attempt to publicly discredit those church leaders who support massive illegal immigration.