EWIC, U.S. C of C blocked DHS "no-match" regulation?

Via this Dan Stein says:
Representatives of the Essential Workers [Immigration] Coalition (see their member roster: [[Essential Workers [Immigration] Coalition]]) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have asserted that they have successfully sabotaged implementation of a proposed DHS regulation which would require employers who receive 'no-match' letters from the Social Security Administration to correct the discrepancy, or be considered to have "constructive knowledge" of unlawful hiring of illegal aliens at their business.

On a January 11, 2006 teleconference for immigration lawyers sponsored by the American Bar Association, Laura Reiff, a former INS attorney representing low-wage employers who hire large numbers of illegal aliens, said that the Chief Counsel of Customs and Border Protection (CBP)* Alfonso Robles, told her at a meeting at U.S. Department of Homeland Security headquarters in late December that his office was giving low-wage employers "a little Christmas present" by not sending the proposed regulation to the Office of Management and Budget at the White House. Failure to send a regulation to OMB effectively kills the proposed reform bureaucratically, out of the public eye...
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