MMP sues Compton

Something called the "Pro-Family Law Center" is helping the Minuteman Project sue Compton over that fine, peaceful city's refusal of a MMP attempt to use a room at Compton Community College before the election to hold a "Town Hall Meeting":

The purported reason for the denial was that Compton Community College does not authorize nor permit the use of its facilities by specific special interest or advocacy groups, nor for the advancement of specific candidates for public office.

They then used the Public Records Act to determine that:

Compton Community College's facilities have been used by/for (1) The Farrakan Event, (2) The Multi-cultural Youth Peace Summit/Registration Drive, and (3) The Black Student Union and Muhammad's Mosque Peacemakers.


the minuteman want to meet in compton? and good for the MM, But compton is a gang land place its known for murder/rape name the evil, the fact is the MM Are great people but what did the guys think would happen? by the way Multi-Cultural youth peace summit is right out of gang land and the red mayday thing!

keep up the great work , but buy guns.