Maricopa County Attorney wants inquiry on National Guard border incident

From the AP:
A prosecutor plans to ask state and federal lawmakers to investigate why National Guard members backed off from armed men who were near them at the Mexican border.

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said he was troubled by the retreat and questioned whether the rules the National Guard members operated under at the border were appropriate...

...Meanwhile, a state legislator said he will interview Maj. Gen. David Rataczak, head of the National Guard in Arizona, in a hearing of the new Homeland Security and Property Rights Committee soon.

"Why would this be allowed to happen?" asked Rep. Warde Nichols, the committee's chairman. "Why do we have National Guard running from illegals on the border? Are they (National Guardsmen) armed? Do they have bullets in their guns? We need some answers to some of these questions."

Rep. Russell Pearce, the Legislature's strongest voice on border security, said two National Guardsmen who work on the border told him their weapons do not have bullets.

Pearce said the unarmed soldiers are in harm's way and called the situation "absolutely outrageous."


Why do we have National Guard running from illegals on the border? Because they were unarmed & their rules of engagement were to submit to invasion.

Are they (National Guardsmen) armed? NO

Do they have bullets in their guns? Absolutely not!

This is Iraq part deux, what's funny is Bush has the same plan for America as Iraq:

*open US up to international trade

*destroy the local economy (beggars can't be choosers)

*allow mass immigration to obliterate the nation

*annihilate national sovereignty

*bankrupt the nation to allow looting of national assets

Form a United Front with the left-wing wackos:IMPEACH BUSH.

Agree, Horace. But I don't think even a bullet in the back will get Bush to do anything. He is resolute and focused on the complete and permanent elimination of the border, not defending it. The troops without bullets are just for show, to make easy-chair Americans feel good about themselves. The invasion accelerates.

The president will wait until a guardsman is shot in the back while fleeing border aggressors before he'll act. After all, there's no need to offend Mexico by actually defending U.S. sovereignty. This should disgust all Americans.