Arnie now taking role too seriously

From the prepared version of Arnold Schwarzenegger's state of the state address:

"I believe that together not only can we lead California into the future...we can show the nation and the world how to get there. We can do this because we have the economic strength, the population, the technological force of a nation-state. We are the modern equivalent of the ancient city states of Athens and Sparta. California has the ideas of Athens and the power of Sparta... One year ago I unveiled the 200 billion dollar plan that prepared California for the next ten years. We are a big state and we have big needs. And we made a big down payment. But the job is not finished..."

Memo to Arnie: this is not San Marcos. Sit down, let the painkillers wear off.

Immigration matters underlie much of what he discussed, yet there is not a single mention of the word "immig*". And, our "big needs" total around $43 billion.


"Ok so that little rat wants to make us like some hell on earth"?, We know he loves hitler, and if I can ask? What is he talking about?, The ancient city states as far as i know were hell, sparta was a military state and if you didn't live up to what the king wanted you were beaten to death.
I Think we all know that population is a tool of evil doers when use for political and race ways like Mexico City is doing and Washingtion D.C. is doing to you!
The future this pig wants is evil as hell, and I think what this rat is talking about is the future of the third world people being used to remove you from the face of this good earth.

But it will happen if you don't stand up and say not to evil doers, and i really don't think that any one will so welcome to hell in a hispanic madness of evil.