Shafta the AAFTA (WSJ promoting "free" trade)

The WSJ offers "Happily Ever AAFTA". I know nothing about it, but if the Wall Street Journal is pushing it - and if they expect Bush and the Dems to push it as well - I know it must be very, very bad. Most of its pay-only, here's the excerpt:
This year President Bush and the Democratic-led Congress should launch a new Association of American Free Trade Agreements (AAFTA). The AAFTA could shape the future of the Western Hemisphere, while offering a new foreign and economic policy design that combines trade, open societies, development and democracy. In concert with successful immigration reform, the AAFTA would signal to the Americas that, despite the trials of war and Asia's rising economic influence, U.S. global strategy must have a hemispheric foundation.

Successful and sustainable international strategies must be constructed across administrations. Ronald Reagan called for free trade throughout the Americas, opened U.S. markets...


"Well that is what Bush wants" open societies sounds to me as if bush is Red as Red can-be! BUT Also understand Bush has about 5 billion in mexico in his own cash and 20 billion in china. so why not why not have open borders in time of war? sure like we are at war with terrorits sure we are!

hey boys! "when you can make big money and control billions of people to do your work and live like good little third world people?
after all bush is the King right?

the AAFTA Is a idea right out of moscow that is 1955 moscow! the mexicans want it for race reasons and as far as the shape of the future go's its a third world shape of total evil, buy Guns for Life.