Bush rejoiced Democrat takeover of House; can get immigration "reform"

The article "Congressional leaders predict immigration law" quotes House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer describing last week's meeting between Bush and Dem leaders on today's "Fox News Sunday":

"He (Bush) smiled and he said, 'You know, I think I'm going to have a lot easier time dealing with you on immigration than I had dealing with the House Republican leadership on immigration.'"

GOP members (or their hacks) might say that as horrific as Bush is, the Dems are worse. As long as they continue to support the GOP in its present form, they will continue to be faced with that same choice and people like Bush will get what they want.

The solution to that dilemma is clear: urge your GOP representatives to turn their backs on Bush and his associates, turn your backs on Bush's enablers, and if the GOP calls asking for money, tell them you'll do it after they choose pro-American leaders unaffiliated with Bush.


The fact that the treacherous Bush administration wants this so much, amnesty and guest-worker legislation, may actually cause the democrats to not want to give anything that sounds too much like his proposals.
If it were called the Bush this or that, how would they get it associated with themselves, as they presumably want? Don't they also want the Republican party associated with hardline immigration restrictionism, and softness with themselves, so that to allow a role for Bush would be counterproductive for that objective?