National Guard "stormed" in confrontation at border

Last night, a group of armed border crossers stormed a National Guard encampment between Nogales and Lukeville in Arizona. Apparently no one was hurt and the four Guardsmen retreated and called for backup rather than firing on those who'd stormed them. They don't know what the goal was, and the attackers fled back to Mexico. Video at the link.

In the past, large numbers of people have tried to cross the border at one time as a diversionary tactic, allowing smugglers to bring drugs across elsewhere. This could have been a similar situation, or it could have been an attempt to see how the NG would react, or it could have been a threat of some kind.

In any case, the response of almost all Dem leaders and most Republican leaders will be weak to non-existent.


so what happen to the ideals of the military the Guard is part of our armed force so if you take the weapons away you don't have that force and maybe that is what the government wants. buy guns

How many guard members have to die before we give them guns with ammo?