U.S.-Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement gets MSM attention

Surprisingly, at least three sources are now discussing the details of the U.S.-Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement. After a 3.5 year FOIA battle, the TREA Senior Citizens League recently obtained a copy of that agreement, and their suit continues as they seek more documentation.

Michelle Mittelstadt has a rundown with the ludicrous subheadline "Federal officials insist it would cost only $105 million for the first 5 years". All the Bush administration's other plans and estimates have worked out OK, right?

Hernan Rozemberg says:
...The accord lacks specific language clearly delineating that [illegal aliens] would be barred from applying for benefits, and it should concern anyone on Social Security that billions of dollars could be going to millions of people who worked illegally, said Shannon Benton, executive director of the senior league.

Mark Lassiter, the SSA spokesman who was granted authority to speak for the White House on the matter, said the group's allegations are false.

He said the agreements tackle taxation, not immigration issues, and that current laws forbid people from collecting benefits if they don't have a valid Social Security number.

But those laws leave loopholes that could cost at least $10 billion in benefits, the senior league countered.

...the document is based on existing benefits laws that provide loopholes for unauthorized migrants to collect benefits, and that sends the wrong message, according to the senior league.
And, Stephen Dinan says:
But Mark Lassiter, a spokesman for the Social Security Administration, said the agreement doesn't change U.S. law. The law states that those who do not have authorization to work will not get benefits under a totalization agreement.

"To get Social Security benefits, you do have to be legally in the United States. This agreement does not address in any way immigration, immigration laws or override current law," he said, adding that a 2004 law, the Social Security Protection Act, prevents illegal aliens from getting benefits.

But the seniors group said the 2004 law also states that if those aliens later get legal status -- through an amnesty or some sort of legalization plan such as the one President Bush and the Senate tried to enact last year -- they would be able to collect the benefits based on their time as illegal workers.
UPDATE: Investors Business Daily has an editorial opposing the scheme, as does the WashTimes.


can we say totally corrupt? but it is a totally corrupt government on both sides of the border.