"BNP ballerina" blitzed by Gramscian goons

Ballerina Simone Clarke of the English National Ballet is coming under a large amount of fire from a small number of sources due to her membership in the British National Party (BNP). The Guardian, other papers, and the Gramscian establishment are trying to get her fired over her private political views.

That party is apparently "far right", in the law & order, isolationism, halting all immigration and so forth sense. The elites of England might be attempting to misrepresent them, but there's a good chance they're a bit closer to thugs in suits. Sorting that out is left to the English, but they are apparently a legal political party.

A seven-month long undercover "investigation" by the Guardian's Ian Cobain resulted in an article with nothing overly shocking ("Exclusive: inside the secret and sinister world of the BNP", link; there may be more in their print edition). That 12/21 article is where it was revealed that Clarke was a member.

She refused comment except to give one interview, which I believe was in 12/30's "The BNP Ballerina" by Elizabeth Sanderson (link). In that she said she's been a member for 18 months.

To recap: she's been a member for a long time, her membership was only revealed after an undercover investigation, and she gave one interview attempting to explain why she was a member.

With that in mind, now comes al-Guardian again with 1/1's "BNP ballerina defies rising clamour to sack her" (link):

The interview has caused fresh difficulties for the ENB, which was able to deflect criticism about Clarke's BNP membership by insisting that her stance was an entirely private one. The company, which is publicly funded and is therefore obliged by the Race Relations Act of 2000 to promote good race relations, will be asked to explain how one of its highest profile employees was able to use her position as a platform for the far right party.

Obviously, the Guardian is engaging in their own form of thuggery, since she wasn't using "her position as a platform" and if the Guardian had not revealed her membership no one might have known about it. And, they're attempting to use state power to enforce their own far-left Gramscian viewpoint and punish someone for their heretofore private membership in a legal political party. Their attempts are as transparently fake as this photo of her in front of Buckingham Palace.

Only four voices in the "rising clamour" are quoted, one anonymously. Lee Jasper, "equalities director for the mayor of London and chairman of the National Assembly Against Racism" thinks "she should be sacked". Inayat Bunglawala from the Muslim Council of Britain thinks she's abusing her position. Jon Cruddas, "Labour MP for Dagenham in east London" thinks she's ignoring the BNP's "underbelly".


A spokeswoman for the Commission for Racial Equality, which polices race relations legislation, said it was monitoring events. "We will be interested to see what action the ENB takes given that it has a member expressing such views in public."

Apparently there as here the major political parties support massive immigration - legal and illegal - even if some may talk a good game. And, apparently the BNP is the only party willing to go against the Gramscian flow. And, presumably many or most Britons oppose those policies imposed on them by the elites. It shouldn't be surprising that some would seek an alternative and that the elites would attempt to punish those who get involved with that alternative.


It takes guts for her to come right out and say, "Yes, I support the BNP, what of it?" Imagine, one of the most gutsy people in "Great" Britain today is a ballerina!"

...but there's a good chance they're a bit closer to thugs in suits.

There's more than a good chance that they are the only party with the guts to make the more than obvious connection between immigration to Britain (i.e. of Blacks) and the rise in the worst kind of violent crime. They are also the only party to say that unless immigration policy is changed, Britain will become majority non-white, which they don't want. And if they built a mosque in Tony Blair's neighborhood he may not want it either. The BNP also sticks up for the British working man, who is suffering, espeically since Britain opened its doors to workers from the new EU lands.

The MSM will not promote a serious discussion of any of this; to avoid these issues entirely what is usually done is in fact done -- the BNP is stigmatized. However, reality will not vanish, and neither will the BNP.

That said, I am not British and do not know if I would vote BNP or not -- some of their candidates (not to mention members) may not be attracive enough.

I love it! sad world by the west is as dead as you get, the third world rats will rule this world under the control of a few pigs.

perroazul del norte has it right.

It's always darkly amusing when leftist organs like the Guardian come to the realization that McCarthyism is a fine thing when they practice it.