U.S.-Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement released (FOIA battle)

"Totalization Agreements" allow foreign workers in the U.S. to qualify for Social Security benefits, and we have them with developed countries such as the UK. Around 2000 people are covered under the agreement with that country. However, in June 2004, the Social Security Administration signed an agreement with Mexico, which - if signed by Bush - could result in billions going to millions of illegal aliens.

After a three and half year battle involving FOIA lawsuits, the TREA Senior Citizens League has finally received a copy of the agreement. Bush apologists might want to explain why this matter was handled with such secrecy. And, the MSM might want to explain why they weren't the ones filing the FOIA requests. Of course, the media will probably continue to ignore these matters.

The agreement hasn't taken effect yet. If Bush signs it, Congress will have 60 days during which they can vote to reject it. From the link:
The U.S. currently has 21 similar agreements in effect with other nations, which are intended to eliminate dual taxation for persons who work outside their country of origin. All of the agreements are with developed nations with economies similar to that of the U.S.

For example, a worker who turns 62 after 1990 generally needs 40 calendar quarters of coverage to receive retirement benefits. Under totalization agreements, workers are allowed to combine earnings from both countries in order to qualify for benefits. The Agreement with Mexico, like other totalization agreements, would allow workers to qualify with just six quarters, or 18 months, of U.S. coverage.

But Mexico's retirement system is radically different than that of other participating countries. For example, only 40 percent of non-government workers participate in Mexico's system, whereas 96 percent of America’s non-government workers do. In addition, the U.S. system is progressive, meaning lower wage earners get back much more than they put in; in Mexico, workers get back only what they put in, plus accrued interest.

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John S. Bolton is right, so what can you do to stop this madness, one word.."Nothing", that is how helpless you are.

the next stop will be sensitivity training for any who don't like the ideals of handing over billions and billions to mexican drug dealers.

It seems that this would give out disability payments to younger Mexican retirees as well, not to mention their dependents.
Work as an illegal for two years, then go to the chiropractor or the psychologist and get certified as disabled, then spend $8,000/year or much more in SS checks in cheapo Mexico.
Would less than tens of millions go onto that sort of totalization?
If so, the net taxpayer would be plundered by the traitors for hundreds of billions a year, in welfare, mailed out to the hostiles of Mexico.

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