Boo! Mike Huckabee says won't scare Dems, moderates

Sanctimonious illegal immigration supporter Mike Huckabee - current governor of Arkansas says:

"I think I would appeal to true conservatives for whom conservatism doesn't mean they're angry at everybody... My brand of conservatism is not an angry, hostile brand. It's one that says 'conservative' means we want to conserve the best of our culture, society, principles and values and pass them on... I would be the kind of Republican who doesn't scare the living daylights out of people who are in the center or slightly to the left."

Indeed, he should appeal to the 25% or less of the populace who support illegal immigration. When combined with the 0.1% of the populace who will buy another "compassionate conservative", he should simply coast to victory.


don't feel bad becuase within 30 years most of this so called nation will only be one more hell on earth and the little people who help kill it will live inside that evil place with nothing but hate and death.

Guys its all part of the plan, Its all about the death of a people and a nation and most don't care! the liers and the great lie mean nothing to most, becuase most want the lie and cannot see right or wrong.

Fortunately for America, bigots will not select the next president of the United States

This is the level of "argument" typical of the pro-illegal alien dullards. I guess they expect people to believe that the best interests of the nation lie in mass importation of low skill, uneducated workers.
Someone should gently point out to these people that this is no longer the 19th Century:the frontier is gone, the textile mills and steel plants are closed and the US is-whether we like it or not-a 21st Century post-industrial economy. For this kind of economy mass importation of low skill, uneducated workers is sheer madness. Such people, on average, receive more in government services than they produce. Also we have our own people(US citizens) from the left half of the bell curve to take care of-and hopefully find employment for. Or maybe it's more "Christian" to consign them to the prisons and SSI rolls.

BSR, you do realize that the choices for president in 2008 are clearly on the wrong side of the illegal immigration issue. If we didn't have "American" politicians complicit in this, illegal immigration would be stopped cold. However, the reality is that these traitorous politicians love pandering to illegals and racist groups like Lulac, Mecha, etc.

Fortunately for America, bigots will not select the next president of the United States.

Warmest regards,


Huckabee is such a traitor. I cannot believe these losers get votes. The apathy running rampant in this country is very disheartening. Wake up people, the illegal immigration disaster will affect each and every one of us...