What were the Swift & Co. illegal aliens thinking?

The usual sources are complaining about the recent Swift & Co raid breaking up mixed-status families (illegal aliens parents, U.S. citizen children). My brief glance at their statements failed to find anyone calling those parents to task for their extreme irresponsibility. Those illegal aliens weren't kidnapped and brought to the U.S. In the vast majority of cases, they came here willingly and fully aware that what they were doing is contrary to our laws. Then, they have children.

Shouldn't they bear some responsibility in this matter? Should they have put their children in such a situation? What would you think of yourself if you did such a thing? Do some people perhaps have a lower opinion of them than of Americans, thinking somehow they're not so bright or something? Should we hold them to a lower standard? Should we encourage future cases of people coming here and expecting to stay as long as they have U.S. citizen children? (Perhaps the Democratic Party could make that a plank in their next platform.)

This situation is similar to the propaganda designed to support the DREAM Act. In none of those reports have I seen a reporter try to interview the parents and see what they were thinking.



It's a mystery to me why some people think it's so bad to inconvenience criminals.

For far too long, illegal aliens have been able to tell their fellow countymen how easy it is to get along in the US ONCE YOU GET IN. Easy to get forged documents, easy to find employers who may not even require documents, easy to get free health care, easy to find over-crowded housing, easy to produce offspring that then help you qualify for still more social services.

Think what a difference it would make if they had to start telling the folks at home that things are not easy anymore.