Bill Richardson: Dems should "get rid of" border fence

New Mexico governor and possible presidential candidate Bill Richardson continues his outreach to the 5% or so of U.S. citizens who support illegal immigration with his thoughts that the recently passed border fence "gets in the way" of U.S.-Mexico relations, and:

"The fence is very unpopular on the border in Texas and New Mexico, in Chihuahua... So one of the most significant and constructive acts the U.S. Congress should take is to get rid of it."

He said this after meeting with the leaders of the state of Chihuahua, which is located in Mexico, which is not the U.S. Apparently Richardson is unclear on that fact.

Tomorrow he'll be speaking at Georgetown University, so if you know anyone in the area please urge them to turn out and protest his appearance with flyers and posters pointing out his strong opposition to our most basic laws.


He just announced on faux news that he will be running for Pres in 2008.

don't be fooled this guy is 100 percent behind mexico city and its people, and his end game is to become the mexican hero/superman and political conqueror for his people. bin laden loves old Bill Richardson But my question is will he order the first attack of the mexico ARMY against American in new mexico? For the ideals of mexico and bin laden?

I am laughing. Who cares if it annoys would be fence jumpers? It is also true that the bars in the prisons annoy the inmates. Get past it, Richardson, think about how unpopular illegal immigration is to Americans, not how unpopular the bars are to the criminals. Your attention and loyalty should be unswervingly focused on serving the wishes of American citizens, and no other.

We should put all the homeless American to guard the border. Black, white, whatever race... Give them walkie-talkies and tell them to report any suspicious activity to the border patrol. They would be employed at minimum wage (solves some of the unemployment issue) They would get a complementary mobile home of choice (built by an American company to help boost the economy and the homeless rate) This would also help bring more revenue in the form of taxes with their buying power. They would be employed for a term of 4 years which at conclusion will have a home and sizable saving to maintain themselves and their families. What do you think about that dumb dumbs. I solved the economy and the unemployment rate and the homeless rate AND the the illegal immigrants rate. Thank you very much!!!!!!!