Airstrip One: "Migrants taught how to scrounge"

From this:
MIGRANTS hoping to settle in the UK are to be taught how to rake in state hand-outs.

They will be shown how to claim benefits, demand equal rights, make full use of the NHS and get parental leave.

Labour will expect immigrants to know such information as part of the Government's "Britishness test".

But if applicants fail, they will not face removal – they will merely be told to keep resitting the exam until they pass...

...Yet ministers have again ruled out any requirement that newcomers learn about Britain’s history...
Obviously, this is a leftwing attempt to both encourage new clients for public and private social welfare agencies, as well as an attempt to erase England's rather long history and start anew, Gramscian-style.


HOW CAN I GET FREE MONEY? Hell i got to go to work 6 days a week some times 16 hour days, some times only 10 hour days so can i go to england and get free money with all the great hand-outs and free woman with no work? or is this just for our little brown friends?